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5 Tips to Avoid Hair Breakage

5 Tips to Avoid Hair Breakage

1) Take a Break from Ponytails
Hairstyles that pull tightly on the scalp, such as ponytails, can lead to hair loss. Over time, these hairstyles can break down hair strands and result in receding hairlines. As an alternative, use gentle clips to pull hair away from your face. Avoid twisting and pulling tightly on the hair. Your hair will begin to regrow after you eliminate these hairstyles.
2) Change Your Diet
Diet plays a strong role in the health of your hair. Through your diet, make sure you're getting adequate amounts of vitamin B12, iron, and zinc. Incorporate fish and nuts into your diet for protein and biotin to boost growth. Dark leafy greens contain iron, which will improve circulation around the roots of your hair. Leafy greens are also rich in vitamin A, which encourages your hair's natural oil production to strengthen hair follicles. If you aren't able to get enough nutrients through your diet, consider adding TAKE N GO™ Daily Hair and Scalp Vitamins, supplements to your daily routine.


3) Bond/Peptide System Hair Products
Bond/Peptide system hair products are formulated to stop breakage and immediately strengthen hair production. They include protein enriched ingredients to improve the hair’s vitality and encourage length retention. Our Hydrasilk® Bond System is uniquely packed with essential ingredients to strengthen the hair, stop hair breakage, and reduce shedding. 

4) Scalp Massage
Scalp massages have shown a surprising ability to regrow and thicken hair. Massaging the scalp draws blood flow to the hair follicles and improves their ability to reproduce cells. An invigorating head massage is designed to reduce the sebum trapped in hair follicles and allow for stronger follicles. Massage your head twice a day in 20-minute sessions for best results.
5) Jojoba Oil
Jojoba oil is a great solution to naturally improve hair strength by stimulating the hair follicles and improving circulation. The increased blood flow will lead to faster and healthier hair strands.

If you're tired of hair breakage, try these solutions to achieve stronger and healthier hair. First, it's important to improve the overall health of your hair by obtaining the right nutrients through your diet. Avoid hairstyles that pull on the hair roots and weaken follicles. Bond/Peptide system hair products and jojoba oil can work to instantly lessen hair breakage. Finally, a daily scalp massage will lessen hair breakage due to strengthening hair follicles which produce stronger hair strands.