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Like recipes, heirlooms, and facial features, I inherited many things from the women in my family. One of those hereditary traits is hair loss, a common challenge for women with textured hair. Out of necessity comes innovation, so I decided it was time to address the lack of products catering to this need. I created NU Standard® to promote overall wellness and tackle common hair issues like dryness and breakage through our revolutionary system.

I was tired of seeing women have to sacrifice their healthy manes due to the lack of available products, limited time or funds for self-care, and external factors affecting their hair and overall wellness. I wanted to offer solutions to women from various backgrounds and cultures for problems that connect us all.

The NU Standard® is about becoming your best self by investing in self-care, maintaining those practices, and consistently nurturing yourself. Women carry so much, and I want to make life easier for them. Whether you're a career woman, stay-at-home mom, licensed professional, or anywhere in between, the NU Standard® is for you.

I wanted to create products that diverse women would feel safe using, especially since women with textured hair are often an afterthought in product development and research. While technology has made information more accessible, it can also be overwhelming, with misinformation spreading faster than the truth. I want our products to feel like a breath of relief.

I didn’t want us to be last in line or left out anymore. It was time to follow my passion and make a change for women like me.

Another trait I inherited from my family is the entrepreneurial spirit in the hair care industry. My grandfather, Comer Cottrell, Jr., founded Pro-Line International, a global haircare company. My parents followed suit, creating the Just For Me brand and later leading Johnson Products. Today, they helm Hi-Times Inc., renowned for Bump Stopper and Dare 2 B Bald. I’m grateful to be a descendant of such industry trailblazers. My passion for celebrating textured hair is deeply ingrained in who I am, and you can feel that care in our products.

NU Standard®’s hair-wellness system treats hair from the inside out, combating the harmful daily stressors that cause dryness, breakage, frizz, and hair loss. We achieve this in three steps: nourish, hydrate, and care.

  1. NOURISH: Healthy hair starts from within. NU Standard®’s wellness products combat and prevent hair loss caused by unmanaged stress and nutritional deficiencies.
  2. HYDRATE: We've partnered with licensed professionals to provide a state-of-the-art hydrating bond builder treatment for in-salon use. HYDRASILK® delivers long-lasting hydration and silky-feeling hair in two steps with two products.
  3. CARE: Our day-to-day, travel-friendly, multifunctional, and water-free haircare products deliver high performance in seconds for the busy woman on the go.

Most hair problems can be resolved from the inside out, addressing the body, hair strands, and environment. NU Standard® aims to provoke change by focusing on hair health and wellness while fostering the vital relationship between clients and licensed hair professionals.

Licensed professionals are the front line and first responders to everyone’s hair challenges. They are the unsung heroes who tackle the daily struggles women face with their hair. Partnering with these pros helps us stay educated and spread awareness about the challenges many women endure. Their expertise is a major reason why our wellness system goes beyond hair care; scalp health can also pinpoint health issues often overlooked by the untrained eye. 

I want to bring change to the haircare world from the inside out, and I am willing to fight and sacrifice for that change. Women want the confidence that they can care for their hair for a lifetime. They desire a hair health and wellness system they can trust. They want and deserve a NU Standard®.

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