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Hydrasilk® In-Salon Reconstructive Treatment

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Cutsomer feedback


I have used your vitamins for over a year and absolutely love the results. My hairline is coming back stronger than ever and I no longer have excessive shedding. I also noticed my overall health improving due to the good dose of Magnesium and Vitamin D.

You are truly made for all. Everyone in my household has a different texture of hair from straight to zig zags. I purchased the butter bars they worked for us all. We all had soft and moisturized hair. This is truly the best for us and our planet. Kudos for caring.

Wow! I located a stylist from your website to get a Hydrasilk Press and the results were better than I imagined. I noticed the hydration and feel of my hair instantly and when I washed my hair, the curls were better than ever.

This is by far the best bond system on shelf. I love Hydrasilk. Clients notice less breakage, split-ends, and dryness. Also they are using less product at home to keep their hair moisturize. I love the smiles and relief I can now provide. This has improved business since COVID. I'm all in.