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Textured Curly Hair Conditioning Hair

While we can’t claim there is a one-size-fits-all method for caring for your hair, the universal goal should be to prevent split ends, damage, and breakage. We recognize that process may look different for different hair textures, but for us, care means using products that help protect the hair from the environment and other physical stressors.

What are some examples of environmental and physical stressors that cause hair damage?

  • UV rays from the sun 
  • Various pollutants in the air
  • Extreme climates
  • Hard water
  • Friction from clothing, bedding, and headgear
  • Brushing/Combing
  • Hair dye/Bleach
  • Natural soaps/ highly alkaline cleansers
  • Chemical treatments
  • Heating tools/Thermal styling
  • Weaves/wigs/braids when worn too tight or for too long

Care also means incorporating certain practices into your haircare routine to help maintain optimum hair wellness. Including:

  • Spending more time indoors when temperatures reach high and low extremes
  • Using shampoos that contain Bamboo Extract as it helps to wash away buildup and restore luster
  • Sleeping in a bonnet or opting for satin pillowcases
  • Choosing simple styles that don’t require a lot of hair manipulation
  • Limiting color treatments and receiving regular bond reconstruction treatments 
  • Using a pH-balanced shampoo for hair. Soaps made the traditional way are too alkaline and cause damage and breakage over time
  • Regularly conditioning the hair with concentrated formulas containing nourishing ingredients to preserve texture and prevent damage
  • Limiting/avoiding chemical processes designed to alter your hair texture
  • Blow drying hair with cool air whenever possible
  • Limiting weaves/wigs/braids to styles for special occasions and not everyday wear

Don’t beat yourself up for past practices that caused damage. The more you know, the healthier your hair can become. Good luck with all your new growth!