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Real Queens take pride in their crowns. It’s brushing and combing hair into a favorite style for some. For others, it may involve chemically altering color or texture to achieve the desired look. And for most, it also includes thermal styling with a blowdryer, flat iron, or curling irons. Unfortunately, these behaviors can cause damage, breakage, and split ends. 

So what is a Queen to do? Thankfully, hair science is advancing, and we have developed a way to repair broken disulfide bonds in the hair and, through regular treatments, help prevent future damage from heat and chemical treatments. 

At NU Standard®, we look to hairstylists for treating and preventing damage from physical stressors like heating tools, chemical treatments, and excess friction from styling. Just as you would reach out to a primary care doctor for regular physicals to prevent health complications, we recommend regularly seeing a hairstylist to help treat and avoid damage to your hair. 

But what if I want to do it myself? To that, we ask, do surgeons perform surgical procedures on themselves? 

Maybe that is a little extreme, but it is essential to point out that healthy hair thrives under the care of professional hairstylists. You may be able to cut your hair, but do you have the proper tools to do so? Using scissors that are not sharp enough can cause those freshly trimmed ends to split almost instantly. 

You may be able to follow instructions on a box of hair dye, but your hair will look better and feel healthier if you leave those services to licensed professionals. Besides, you deserve to be pampered!

We at NU Standard™ put HYDRASILK® Professional products directly into the hands of hairstylists we trust.