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Challenging Stereotypes and Disrupting the Industry: Black Owned, Made For All

Challenging Stereotypes and Disrupting the Industry: Black Owned, Made For All

Throughout human history, hair has not only been a biological feature but a powerful medium of self-expression, reflecting our identities, heritage, and pride. However, the traditional haircare landscape has often magnified our differences, creating rifts and misconceptions. NU Standard seeks to challenge this status quo, aspiring to unify individuals under a shared pursuit: the universal goal of achieving healthy hair.

Breaking Down Barriers

NU Standard isn’t just a brand name—it's a declaration of our commitment. Historically, the haircare sector has been noticeably compartmentalized. Products for black hair were predominantly developed by black-owned brands for black users. The general market, meanwhile, offered products that often fell short when used on diverse, textured hair.

The implicit division left a gap, particularly in the bond builder and hair repair category. Developers did not design this emerging hair care category for the unique needs of textured hair. People of the global majority, boasting many hair textures, were often left searching in vain for products that could genuinely repair and rejuvenate their hair without leaving it feeling too dry.

Enter NU Standard. With an innovative approach, we've meticulously developed a bond builder that epitomizes inclusivity. Our formulation showcases its brilliance, particularly on textured hair, delivering unparalleled hydration and softness the industry demands. But it's more than just a product; it's a promise—to ensure that everyone, irrespective of race or hair pattern, has access to top-tier hair care.

Challenging Stereotypes

In the modern global marketplace, identifying as a black-owned brand introduces multifaceted challenges, many rooted in longstanding and deeply embedded stereotypes. The mere mention of a brand being black-owned ignites a cascade of biases and misconceptions. These misconceptions include the belief that such products are solely for Black hair, leading many to prematurely conclude, "It won't be suitable for my hair type." Further, the stereotypical thinking extends to misjudged perceptions about the texture and quality of the products, with unfounded assumptions like these being inherently greasier or heavier.

The public's perception often underestimates these brands, relegating them to a space less "mainstream" or "professional" compared to other industry counterparts, despite many such brands showcasing exemplary product quality and innovation. Other myths suggest that black-owned haircare products have overpowering fragrances, intricate application instructions, or even harmful ingredients — none of which holds universal truth. The overarching misconception, however, is that these products don't cater to straight or non-kinky hair types, which is a vast oversimplification of the diversity and versatility many of these products offer.

Yet, despite these challenges, NU Standard stands firm with purpose. It doesn't just function as a brand — it drives a movement. It commits to dismantling these myths, freeing the industry from prejudice's constraints, and leading an inclusive haircare revolution that celebrates quality and effectiveness above everything else.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Innovation for All: We lead the vanguard, introducing a new era of hair wellness. Our bond-building technology works effectively for everyone. It doesn't limit itself to specific hair types but has a clear mission: to rejuvenate and restore.
  • Holistic Haircare: NU Standard aims to reduce hair loss caused by various types of stress (mental, physical, chemical, and environmental) from the inside out. Beyond bond builders, our arsenal includes nourishing daily hair vitamins and maintenance products free from harmful chemicals--better for you and our planet.
  • A Universal Ethos: At our core, we firmly believe in inclusivity. While specific challenges faced by people of color inspired our products, we designed them for everyone. It's not about ethnicity; it's about delivering effective hair care.

As NU Standard continues its journey, we're not just selling products—we're weaving a narrative, a narrative that transcends race, challenges stereotypes, and sets a genuinely new standard in haircare. Join us as we disrupt the system, redefine norms, and champion a future where haircare is universal, inclusive, and, above all, effective.