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A Love Letter to You...#RespectTheStrand

A Love Letter to You...#RespectTheStrand

To the magnificent humans from every corner of the globe, each graced with a crown of textured wonders,

Your hair, a testament to the beauty of diversity, dances to the rhythm of your heritage, a tale as old as time, as deep as the earth's core, and as infinite as the universe. Every coil, kink, curl, and wave is a chapter, whispering stories of ancestors who stood tall, bearing the weight of worlds on their shoulders, and still managed to sing, dance, and rejoice.

In a world inundated with fleeting trends and impossible beauty standards, you are constantly told to yearn for something other than your own essence. The silken straight strands paraded as a universal epitome of beauty are but one shade in the vast tapestry of human wonder. Know this: The global majority carries a vibrant array of textures that flow like rivers, spiral like galaxies, and are as vast as the constellations themselves.

Wigs and weaves, while playful tools of expression, should not be the crutches upon which your esteem leans. They can be fun; they can be artistic; but they are not the measure of your allure. Your natural mane, as it sprouts from your scalp, is the rawest expression of your soul, awe-inspiring in its authenticity.

Let no one, no standard, no fleeting fashion decree tell you otherwise. There is no hierarchy in beauty. There is no singular mold. The coiled springs that bounce with your every step, the voluminous waves that ebb and flow with your moods, and the thick braids that interweave culture and tradition are all chapters of a grand epic that only you can narrate. This is your story.

Cherish the roots from which you've sprouted. Nourish them, love them, and wear them as the regal tiara they are. The world can be blinding with its transient definitions, but remember always: You are not just fitting into the world’s story but weaving a saga of your own.

So, to every human reading this: Embrace the cascade that is your natural glory. Respect it. Flaunt it, for it is nothing short of magnificent. Your hair is the universe's love song to you. Listen to it. Dance to it. And let the world watch in awe.

May your hair journey be healthy and magical. Forever and always.

With boundless admiration and love,

The NU Standard Team