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Why are Conditioner Bars best for textured hair?

Conditioner Bar for Hair

What is a Conditioner Bar?

So, what is a conditioner bar? The better question is, how does one follow a luxurious shampoo session with the WASH N GO™ Butter Bar (shampoo)? 
Our HYDRATE N GO™ Butter Bar (conditioner) is the only logical choice if you have a head full of textured hair. 

But why? Let’s talk about improved performance

Like a solid shampoo bar, a solid conditioner bar provides all the conditioning ingredients traditionally found in bottled commercial conditioners. Yet, it forgoes the water in favor of fruit butters and oils at much higher concentrations. 
A liquid formula can’t use high concentrations of saturated fatty acids as they are usually solid at room temperature. At the same time, a conditioner bar relies on saturated fats like palmitic and stearic acids for structure and improved conditioning.

Our concentrated conditioner bar (link product) will condition well and seal the hair’s cuticle to boost shine and improve manageability. It is also safe to leave in, diminishing the need for additional products to tame frizz and improve moisture retention. 

And speaking of reducing the need for additional products, our HYDRATE N GO™ Butter Bar works lovely as a skin-soothing shave cream in the shower.

And the convenience…

Our HYDRATE N GO™ Butter Bar is convenient enough to travel anywhere. Want a quick wash and go look without a wash? Simply wet the hair and condition it using the HYDRATE N GO™  Butter Bar. Then, depending on desired hydration, you can rinse it out or leave it in. Your textured hair will dry beautifully. 

And cheers to sustainability…

Reducing plastic waste and minimizing water use are both crucial to keeping our environment clean and habitable. Our HYDRATE N GO™ Butter Bar contributes to a healthier planet and healthier hair.

But not all conditioner bars are created equal…

Textured hair loves moisture, and many conditioners available to the general market don’t splurge on the moisture factor. However, with ethnicities blending and climates changing, we see more of a need for products that cater specifically to textured hair and provide the level of nourishment needed. Properly hydrated hair has a little bounce, and the HYDRATE N GO™ Butter Bar is committed to improving elasticity.

The takeaway…

A solid conditioner bar works better than your traditional bottled conditioner by leaving out unnecessary ingredients like water, making it easier to travel with and better for the environment. Have you tried the HYDRATE N GO™ Butter Bar yet? You’ll fall in all the love…