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Do Shampoo Bars Really Work?

Shampoo Bar for Hair

Did you know dandruff is currently affecting around 50% of adults? So, if you notice a few flakes, it could signify that it’s time to end your relationship with your current shampoo. 

Removing product build-up, dirt, and excess oil is essential for scalp health. Unfortunately, commercial shampoos often contain sulfates that irritate the scalp by over-cleansing and removing the sebum that aims to protect hair from physical stress naturally. The solution? Enjoy a gentle cleansing with a pH-balanced shampoo bar.     


It’s a concentrated bar dedicated to gently removing dirt and oil. Because it is less harsh, you’ll notice softer, shinier hair after use. And after factoring in the improved performance, the convenience, and the minimal carbon footprint, it is a no-brainer that every Busy Queen should finish their bottled shampoos, buy a bar, and never look back. 

Let’s talk about how well these bars perform…
Not all shampoo bars are created equal. But, our WASH N GO™ Butter Bar contains mild surfactants that easily strip away dirt, grime, and product buildup while leaving the sebum intact. The result? The deluxe package of CARE on the go: less breakage, fewer split-ends, less moisture loss, more days between washing, and overall healthier hair. Finer hair types may not require additional conditioning after use.

They also save time and money and help prevent mental stress…
Traveling with a solid shampoo (and conditioner) means not checking your bags and enjoying the trip without baggage fees. In addition, you won’t have to worry about your products spilling or exploding in your suitcase during the flight, preventing a mental breakdown upon arrival at your dream destination. Wash day on the go has never been easier…and you’ll get great results with only one wash. 

It also feels good to show the Earth a little love…
A solid shampoo includes mild surfactants, oils/kinds of butter, and the same additives typically in traditional shampoo. Yet, the formula leaves out water, creating a highly concentrated product that lasts long and reduces water waste. 

But not all shampoo bars are created equal…
Traditional bottled shampoos often use harsh detergents that strip our hair of the sebum our scalp produces to protect the hair from friction and oxidative stress naturally. Unfortunately, the more you use bottled shampoos, the more oil your scalp will produce to over-compensate for the loss resulting in the need to shampoo more frequently. 

While shampoo bars are not technically new, as cosmetic chemists have been experimenting with shampoo bars for decades, few of the formulations truly nourish textured hair. So we set out to create a bar that provides the moisture textured hair craves while incorporating the necessary level of cleansing to grow longer, stronger, healthier hair. 

The takeaway…
Shampoo bars are the best-kept secret for healthy hair. 
Our WASH N GO™ Butter Bar (shampoo) is so nourishing that finer hair types may not need to follow up with a conditioner. This concentrated bar also works beautifully as a body wash to reduce the need for additional products.