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10 Simple Tips for Healthy Edges

10 Simple Tips for Healthy Edges
Just as trees shed leaves in the fall, we Queens naturally shed our hair daily. What happens when we shed more than expected or notice patches of hair missing? While it may be a sign of an underlying condition involving the thyroid or a hormone imbalance, sometimes it is merely from the products we use and the stress that excessive styling may cause. But don’t fret, Queen--all is not lost. In many cases, the hair follicles are not permanently damaged; a little love (and a little bit of science) can revive them to grow healthy hair. So if you are currently missing your baby hairs, here are 10 simple tips for growing your edges back.  
  1. Release any tension - Tight ponytails can contribute to hair loss around your edges. If you love pulling your hair back, remember to alternate where your hair is parted and opt for looser protective styles.

  2.  Be gentle when brushing - We are so conditioned to pull back our hair and make it as smooth as possible, but over-brushing to achieve this can lead to hair loss around your edges. If your edges are sparse, be gentle with the brush. A little stimulation can boost circulation, but too much can break our hair off.

  3.  Avoid hair gel - The alcohols in hair gel are drying and contribute to hair breakage. If your style requires hair gel for a little hold, use it sparingly.

  4.  Avoid Wigs, Weaves, & Braids - We claim these styles are “protective,” but they wreak havoc on our edges over time. Read more about our post on protective styles here.

  5. Exercise - Exercise promotes circulation, and this flow of blood carries nutrients to every organ in the body, including the scalp, to encourage hair re-growth. Exercise also helps relieve stress. Staying active increases blood flow, and even a few easy yoga poses like Downward Dog and Headstands get the blood flowing to your scalp to promote hair re-growth.

  6. Rinse your scalp with cold water - Rinsing with cold water helps to boost circulation. Increased blood flow helps to stimulate hair growth. Cold water also helps to seal the hair’s cuticle to promote shine.

  7. Be mindful of fabric - Satin scarves, bonnets, and pillows are your friend, but avoid headbands and scarves of any other fabric--the friction could further damage your edges.

  8.  Massage your scalp - Massage is excellent for increasing blood flow to your scalp to promote hair growth. You might have to pay for a good scalp massage because the best ones happen at the hair salon, but they are worth it. If blood doesn’t reach the area, the hair follicles will starve and die off.

  9.  Avoid Heat Styling - Heating tools and blow dryers may delay edge recovery. We recommend embracing your natural texture until your edges return. 

  10. Take your Take N Go™ Daily Hair Vitamins! - Diet often plays a role in hair loss, but our Take N Go™ Daily Hair Vitamins help ensure you receive the proper daily amounts of vitamins and minerals needed to maintain healthy hair. Get yours here.


Hair loss is not always permanent; with a healthy diet, healthy blood flow, and gentle styling practices, you can regrow your edges and feel like your old self again in a few months.  If you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing is working, consult with your doctor to help get to the root of the matter.