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Hair Loss - Quick Tips to Stop and Prevent It

Hair Loss - Quick Tips to Stop and Prevent It
Tips to Minimize Hair Loss (Backed by Science)
According to a recent study, MediHair researchers found more than half of men and women face hair loss at some time in their life. The medical definition of hair loss is when a person loses more than 100 hairs per day. Unfortunately, hair loss is a reality that many people will need to deal with at some point in their lives. To help slow down the process and minimize your risk of hair loss, here are some tips you can use to maintain a healthy and full head of hair.
Consume Proteins
A 2017 study conducted by Gowda, Premalath and Imtiyaz found that people who had low levels of amino acids and other deficiencies in their diet often experienced hair loss. Since hair is made up of a protein called keratin, it is crucial that your body is consuming adequate amounts of protein to stimulate hair growth. The amount and type of protein you should consume may vary greatly. You should talk to your doctor if you're concerned about hair loss or your diet.
Vitamin A Supplements
Vitamin A is known to support healthy hair. If you do not consume enough vitamin A in your daily diet, you may want to add a Vitamin A supplement to your routine. Try taking a supplement for a few weeks to see if you notice a difference in the texture and appearance of your hair.
Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals
While many people will try to use harsh chemicals on their hair to achieve the color, style, and/or appearance of hair they want, this can cause both short-term and long-term damage. Harsh chemicals can damage the hair that you already have and also damage the roots of your hair. Anything unnatural should stay off your head. Avoiding harsh chemicals from a young age can help you have a fuller head of hair for a longer time.

Switch Shampoos
If you are experiencing hair loss or undesirable hair, you may want to try switching up your shampoo and conditioner. In addition, you may also want to switch up your hair-washing routine. While no shampoo has even been known to cause hair loss, every shampoo is made differently and may affect your hair differently. Try washing your hair every other day or changing to an all-natural shampoo and see if you notice any positive differences.
These tips, backed by research, can help you achieve a fuller head of hair. You can boost your confidence and feel more like yourself by preventing and minimizing hair loss.