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Check Out These Top 5 Healthy Habits For Boosting Hair Growth!

Check Out These Top 5 Healthy Habits For Boosting Hair Growth!

Let’s face it, we all want healthy hair, but we don’t want to spend too much time obsessing over how to get healthy hair. We know you have important things to work on, Busy Queen, so we have compiled a list of the top 5 healthy hair habits for growing longer, stronger, healthier hair. 


DIET - The appearance of your hair is a direct reflection of genetics and diet. While you can’t change your genes, you have full control over the vitamins and minerals you consume. If you aren’t consuming enough essential nutrients, your hair might communicate this by losing its luster, shedding more than expected, breaking off, or graying prematurely. Combat this by taking a hair vitamin, drinking plenty of water, avoiding sugary foods that cause inflammation, and limiting alcohol intake (it tends to have a drying effect on the hair). Hair is only as healthy as the Queen it grows from.


EXERCISE - Exercise helps your body reap the benefits of a healthy diet by boosting circulation and maximizing nutrient absorption. As blood flows through your system, it carries these nutrients to all of your organs (including your scalp). If blood is not adequately flowing to the scalp, hair growth will slow down or cease. And don’t worry, you do not have to run miles every day to get your blood flowing to the scalp--while it helps, there are a few yoga poses you can do that won’t sweat out your hair but will ensure your body is absorbing the vitamins and minerals it needs.


TRIM REGULARLY - The ends of the hair take a proper beating throughout their existence. While there are products on the market that can mask damaged hair’s appearance, the only way to repair split ends is to cut them off as soon as they appear. The longer you wait to trim them, the more hair you will need to cut to remove them. Our Nu Standard™ stylists recommend getting your hair trimmed at least every 8 weeks for optimal hair health. The goal should always be to have healthy hair from root to tip.


WASH YOUR HAIR - It takes sebum (our scalp’s natural hair moisturizer) for textured hair types longer to travel down the hair shaft, so we often use extra oils and products to style our hair. Be mindful of scalp buildup, as these additional products can clog hair follicles and delay or deter hair growth. Healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp. Our Nu Standard™ stylists recommend shampooing to remove dirt and excess oil once every 4 days. Never apply heat to dirty hair as the excess oils can cause the hair to burn.  


EMBRACE VERSATILITY - Too much tension on your hair can lead to hair loss - avoid tight ponytails in the same spot, only parting your hair in one direction, wearing braids or weaves for an extended period, or wearing a headband every day. Styles that protect your ends help grow out your hair but make sure you aren’t protecting your ends at the expense of your edges. Textured hair is delicate at every bend in the shaft, and hair follicles cannot handle any long-term added weight. Don’t let your style stress your strands, but have fun with expressing yourself. Show off your press and curl with the same confidence as your twist out and wash and go looks. Make them love all of the beautiful versions of your hair.

There are plenty of practices that help you grow longer, stronger, healthier hair, but when it comes to saving time and money, these habits are convenient and useful for the Busy Queen on the go. Hair health is about being proactive and preventative wherever possible. And we want what is best because you deserve it all.